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International Trends and Services

The MISSION of the International Trends and Services facet is to expand the global platform for programs designed and developed to service the educational, health, and cultural needs of people of African descent throughout the world. All programmatic components of the facet are delivered through measurable and sustainable service delivery methods that reach women and their families.

The foremost GOAL of the International Trends and Services facet is to provide opportunities for tangible service in other countries. Our "boots on the ground" approach provides for more personalized methods for assisting and improving the lives of women, children and men worldwide through long-term programs committed to empowerment and public policy leadership in advocating for social justice.

Chapter Initiatives:

  • Provide support to Kentucky State University students to study abroad during the summer

  • Provide MAMMA Kits in African countries to help mothers with safe deliveries

  • Provide dresses for girls in Haiti

  • Provide clean water for Africa

  • Provide book scholarships to international students ​at Kentucky State University

  • Provide Healthcare Kits to Haiti by partnering with the Northwest Haitian Christian Mission

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